Fit a PC in your pocket with Samsung Dex

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Fit a PC in your pocket with Samsung Dex

One of the most overlooked feature on Samsung flagship phones is also one of its coolest features. Samsung Dex is a built-in interface that turns your phone into a PC! All you need is an adapter (USB C to HDMI/ VGA) to connect your phone to any monitor or TV, and voila!

So what does this mean for you? With Samsung Dex, you can work from anywhere with just your phone. Let’s say you’re travelling without your laptop, you can easily connect your phone to your hotel’s TV screen and get work done.

For a more PC-like experience, you can connect a bluetooth keyboard and mouse via USB to the adapter. If you’re on the go, you can even turn your phone screen into a trackpad with really impressive multi-touch gestures like pinch zoom, two finger scroll, and double tap for right click.

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With Samsung’s new PC feature, you can even bring Samsung Dex to your PC, Windows laptop or Mac with just a USB cable. Once connected, you can control it using your PC or laptop’s mouse and keyboard directly.

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After toying around with it for about a week, we realised that this goes beyond a mere gimmick as it is actually really functional and useful. The Dex interface is actually pretty nifty with a bit of a Windows vibe to it, not forgetting to mention that multitasking feels very fast and smooth.

Another really impressive feature (thanks to the powerful processor in Samsung flagships) is that, Samsung Dex and your phone are capable of functioning independently with zero lag! This means, you could be watching YouTube on your screen via Dex, while scrolling through Instagram and replying texts on your phone.

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Common productivity apps like Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom work seamlessly enabling you to be productive on the go. Entertainment apps like YouTube, Spotify and Netflix also work amazingly in full-screen with Dex.

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I know what’s lurking in some of your minds. What about games? We tried running Asphalt 9 in Dex mode and it was amazing! You can control the game via bluetooth keyboard, your phone’s gyroscope or even a joystick controller for a more Playstation-like experience. Other compatible games are like Last Day on Earth, Bomb Squad and Alto’s Adventure.

So how much does it cost for this set up? While Samsung has adapters designated to support this function, it also works with any sort of third-party adapters which you can get for less. Affordable bluetooth keyboard and mouse are also not hard to find these days (some of you probably already have some lying around). And If you’re connecting it to your PC or laptop, you only need a USB cable which comes with your phone.

Samsung Dex is available on all Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphones from Galaxy S8 onwards.


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